About Us

Hello Sailor Owners Danny & Don

In case you are wondering how we stumbled upon the idea to create a gay clothing line and nautical themed goods store and call it Hello Sailor TMH.....

My husband Danny and I met in Maine fifteen years ago, and have been traveling back to that beautiful state since. We met one summer while vacationing at Camp Camp, an LGBTQ summer camp for adults. Check them out at campcamp.com. I can't promise you will meet your spouse, but you will have fun!

We never imagined the journey upon which we were about to embark, but sometimes life has a way of taking you where you need to be. We needed to be together so we did what we had to do - including relocating Danny from his home of 30 years in Atlanta, GA. We hope you will join us on our latest adventure, Hello Sailor TMH!

Our frequent trips to Maine have inspired us in ways we could not have imagined. Maine is a land of legendary sailors, sailing ships, ports, lighthouses, beautiful scenery and lots and lots of water. As we traveled through Bath one day, Don had a vision of starting a company called "Hello Sailor TMH." It would be a line of clothing and home goods that cater to gay men and women, with queer vintage nautical graphics. The ideas began to come hard and fast....

It surprised me when Danny, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, took the idea and ran with it. He set up the company and is making it all happen. I just had to keep the ideas coming, and so here we are! We are launching with a few items to start, and in addition to further developing our current line, plan to develop a full boutique line of sportswear and resort wear. The "Take Me Home" part - although tongue and cheek - will develop into a home goods line.

Our brand customers are out and proud gay men and women who visit such queer meccas as Provincetown, Miami, San Diego, etc. They enjoy going to the beach, sail, experience fun and adventure, work out - or just look good in nautical stripes or tight t-shirts with images of hot sailors with cheeky sayings.

Though our initial target audience was gay men, one pleasant surprise has been an enthusiastic response from women. So look out ladies we may adjust our sails and work toward expanding our product line and offerings to include you! This has indeed been a learning experience for us and we value your feedback and we do listen.

Thanks for joining our crew on this journey and welcome aboard!

All hands on deck!

Your Captains,

Don Bostick & Danny CainĀ