The Smallest Trade Show On Earth by Hello Sailor TMH

The Smallest Show On Earth

Our First Trade Show -
There has been a lot going on with Hello Sailor in the past few weeks.
Danny took Hello Sailor to our first professional trade show in Hudson, Massachusetts, last week - solo. I stayed home to look after Millicent Rose ( aka Milly) and hold down the fort. There was a winter storm about to hit the East Coast, but luckily, Danny made it to his destination and back without any problems. 
This is the first time we have set up a booth in a wholesale venue. It was a small show, but we thought it would be a good way to learn what we need to do and how to be better prepared for the next one.
The Hello Sailor line was well received, and Danny made a few friends and some new contacts. The experience was invaluable.
Hello Sailor is in the process of expanding and we are looking to new markets to sell our merchandise. We are exploring local venues for direct sales as well as other gift and wholesale markets.
Hot bearded sailors seem to be our best sellers, so we just introduced five new designs on assorted tee shirts, sleeveless shirts, and tank tops. We think it's our best collection yet. Please check them out at HELLO SAILOR! and let us know your thoughts. Additionally, we have had requests for smaller images on the left chest so look for those too and there will be more to come.
We appreciate your interest and support and will continue to offer new and fresh items to our line.
Don - First Mate


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