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A Gaycation - 6 Essential Wardrobe Tips

  - Gay Vacations -  Now that we've endured our pathetic warm winter and measly two inches of snow, one starts to think about what the summer will bring and what gay destination will lure you for a holiday. Since we currently reside in the mid-Atlantic region, we find ourselves drawn to the gayest place on earth - Provincetown. We've visited Miami, Ogunquit, Key West, - even Mykonos, but nothing surpasses this little treasure at the tip of the Cape. It's not just a gay street or area in a city or town, but the whole town is bursting with homos and diversity. Heterosexuals are welcomed but realize that they are in the minority and any bad behavior will be dealt...

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Origins and Functions of Clothing by Hello Sailor TMH

   Origns and Functions of Clothing In A Gay Fashion When and how did gay fashion trends become popular? Read on for a brief review of the history of fashion. What is gay fashion? Where did it all begin, and where is it headed? It's something frivolous to contemplate. In my fashion bible, 20,000 Years of Fashion, some of the first images of fashion began in the Neolithic Period, somewhere around 10,000 years ago. Cave drawings were found showing three female figures looking chic in fur A-line skirts. Whose idea were these fur skirts and who were the pioneering designers? I have to imagine there were frumpy stone age women who nonchalantly wrapped themselves in skins and furs, and got...

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Anchors Away!

  In case you are wondering how we stumbled upon the idea to create a gay clothing line and nautical themed goods store and call it Hello Sailor TMH..... My husband Danny and I met in Maine fifteen years ago, and have been traveling back to that beautiful state since. We met one summer while vacationing at Camp Camp, an LGBTQ summer camp for adults ( check them out at I can't promise you will meet your spouse, but you will have fun! We never imagined the journey upon which we were about to embark, but sometimes life has a way of taking you where you need to be. We needed to be together so we did what we...

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