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Clothing and Fashion For Men by Hello Sailor TMH

Clothing and Fashion for Men The Most Awkward Season - Hello Sailor When the summer comes to an end and the days become shorter, we head into that most awkward of seasons – Fall. What are you supposed to wear when you don’t want to look summery, but it’s too hot to wear long pants and sweaters. I switch over to long sleeve cotton shirts (that I have to iron), roll up the cuffs, and wear light weight trousers.  Having to put your feet back into shoes and socks after your feet have had fresh air all summer is the most difficult of transitions. I practically have to force Danny to start wearing season appropriate clothes. But then comes that...

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Men's Fashion Trends by Hello Sailor TMH

 Men's Fashion Trends Gay style tips for your next gay cruise and keeping your wardrobe in ship shape after 40 from Hello Sailor TMH!  As a man in my mid 50's, what I wear today is quite different than what I wore in my 30's and 40's. Back in the day, I was a fashionista as it was important to me at that time. I am an interior designer, and I had the desire to make a statement as a gay man and artist. I was slim, average height and wore clothes well. I took risks mixing and matching all kinds of things and usually pulled it off. I knew what worked on me and had a lot of fun with it....

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Origins and Functions of Clothing by Hello Sailor TMH

   Origns and Functions of Clothing In A Gay Fashion When and how did gay fashion trends become popular? Read on for a brief review of the history of fashion. What is gay fashion? Where did it all begin, and where is it headed? It's something frivolous to contemplate. In my fashion bible, 20,000 Years of Fashion, some of the first images of fashion began in the Neolithic Period, somewhere around 10,000 years ago. Cave drawings were found showing three female figures looking chic in fur A-line skirts. Whose idea were these fur skirts and who were the pioneering designers? I have to imagine there were frumpy stone age women who nonchalantly wrapped themselves in skins and furs, and got...

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