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Clothing and Fashion For Men by Hello Sailor TMH

Clothing and Fashion for Men The Most Awkward Season - Hello Sailor When the summer comes to an end and the days become shorter, we head into that most awkward of seasons – Fall. What are you supposed to wear when you don’t want to look summery, but it’s too hot to wear long pants and sweaters. I switch over to long sleeve cotton shirts (that I have to iron), roll up the cuffs, and wear light weight trousers.  Having to put your feet back into shoes and socks after your feet have had fresh air all summer is the most difficult of transitions. I practically have to force Danny to start wearing season appropriate clothes. But then comes that...

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Hello Sailor! Happy Gay Halloween

  Our favorite fright night of the year is fast approaching and that means an evening filled with fun, scares, partying, and dancing. We're definitely making plans to hit up some Halloween parties, but we also have to come dressed to impress. Some of us may still be unsure of our costume choice, so we did some research and compiled a list of the most popular costumes that will help to make Halloween a gay old Hello Sailor time. 1. Hello Sailor!For this year's Halloween extravaganza, let all the world know that we are ready to find our pleasure and search for treasure in the Navy. We can opt for an authentic sailor's outfit with its sailor's cap, sailor's shirt...

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Gay TV Shows

   I found myself surprisingly moved when we watched the season three finale of, Schitt's Creek, the television series on POP.  When David decides to use his Blouse Barn money to open the Rose Emporium, he goes to apply for a business license and meets Patrick, a straight-acting, but of questionable sexual orientation - man. There is a mysterious chemistry and attraction from Patrick, that David decides to ignore. I found myself routing for the young attractive Patrick, hoping that David would open his eyes and get a clue. Patrick offers to invest in David's store, in exchange for a partnership. David reluctantly accepts his offer. For the entire season, we watched and hoped that they would connect -...

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