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Ahoy, Passengers!
It's been a while since our last blog, and there's been a lot going on and a lot of changes for us at Hello Sailor during that time.
In the first part of 2018, we put our house in Maryland on the market, sold it at the end of May, and then packed up our household, three businesses, and moved to Maine! We arrived at our new old house in Newcastle, on the first day of July.
This is a move that we have been planning for over three years. Finally, all the stars aligned, and we were able to hoist the anchor, set sail, and chart a new course to this new chapter in our lives. We reached a point in our middle-aged lives where we needed a change. We were starting to see the finish line and decided it was time to leave the big city and seek a better quality of life in a smaller community. We want to make the best of the life we have left. Not that the finish line is THAT close, but who knows?
It was a house that brought us to Newcastle. We had spent a couple of years looking at houses in various villages and put contracts on a couple that fell through for various reasons. We had almost given up, then one night while watching TV and combing through listings on, I came across an interesting house in Newcastle, a place we hadn't even considered.
Newcastle and Damariscotta are called the twin villages. They are two separate townships that are divided by the Damariscotta River. By coincidence, our friend, Laddie Drucker, who has since passed, and who was a true Mainer, had suggested Damariscotta when we started considering a move to Maine. And as it turns out, she in all her wisdom, was right. This is a bustling all year community with a lovely and vibrant downtown that is walkable from our house.
Our lovely historic house was built in the 1840s, and considering her age, she was in excellent condition and had been well maintained throughout her 170 plus years. The interior was tired and it looked like old people lived here, but I could see that it had potential and it ended up being the perfect house for us, our dog, Milly, and three businesses. Milly Milly says "you're taking me where?!"
We have spent the last six months stripping wallpaper, painting, installing new wallpaper, renovating the kitchen, replacing the indoor-outdoor carpet in the sunroom with antique brick pavers, and breathing new life back into the ol' gal. Now she's a lively lady full of color, pattern, and a new joie de vivre!
Newcastle ended up being the perfect place for us. After the second day, we moved in - the neighbors still talk about the block long tractor-trailer that spent the day pulled next to our house while all our stuff was unloaded - we were invited to a neighborhood potluck and got to meet a lot of our new neighbors. We were warmly welcomed and have made some wonderful new friends.
While walking Milly one of those first days, we met Stephen, who was riding by on his motorcycle. He was a handsome man wearing a stylish leather jacket and boots and had a very fashion forward haircut. It turns out he is a member of our tribe. Stephen befriended us and introduced us to the surprisingly large gay community here in the twin villages. Unfortunately for us, he recently sold his house and moved to Palm Springs to retire and be with his partner, Terry. We wish we could have had more time with him, but we are grateful for his friendship and hospitality.
Now that we are settled, we are focusing on launching a new Hello Sailor TMH. Danny worked hard all summer keeping the company alive and developed a wholesale line and was successful at having several stores all around the country represent our line.
We have been hard at work developing new images and products, including new introductions to our home goods line. We will continue adding new products to the Hello Sailor line and hope you will be as excited as we are. We will post our new ideas and products on social media. We are on all social media as hellosailortmh.
We are grateful to all of you for your continued interest and support of the Hello Sailor line and look forward to smooth sailing and an exciting journey.
Don - First mate

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  • Robert Ryan

    Congratulations! Wishing you great happiness and much success.

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