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Our favorite fright night of the year is fast approaching and that means an evening filled with fun, scares, partying, and dancing. We're definitely making plans to hit up some Halloween parties, but we also have to come dressed to impress. Some of us may still be unsure of our costume choice, so we did some research and compiled a list of the most popular costumes that will help to make Halloween a gay old Hello Sailor time.

1. Hello Sailor!
For this year's Halloween extravaganza, let all the world know that we are ready to find our pleasure and search for treasure in the Navy. We can opt for an authentic sailor's outfit with its sailor's cap, sailor's shirt and collar, short pants, and long stockings that will be cute and conservative. If we want to skip conservative and move onto sexy and ravishing, try a sleeveless sailor's top with skin-tight pants and a cap. If that's too much fabric for our tastes, a pair of tight short pants with a simple ascot and sailor's hat would be the perfect attire. Should we be in need of additional accessories for our sailor's costume, we can visit Hello Sailor TMH for an impressive selection of nautical-themed gear, clothing, and costumes.

2. Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin are among the most iconic crime-fighting partners in pop culture history. This costume idea would not only be a fun way to attend Halloween celebrations as a couple but the costumes themselves would be simple to create at home if money is tight this year. The costumes can be made with colored body paints, lending a playful nude illusion to the suits, or they can be created with appropriately-colored bodysuits, hot glue, and symbols cut from appropriately-colored fabrics.

3. Gladiator
Nothing makes Halloween more enjoyable than seeing a parade of bronzed and naked flesh parading down the sidewalk or grinding next to us on the dance floor. We have a body fit for the gods and we want to show it off to all the gay men out there. The bare basics of a gladiator costume should be available in any department store or online. If we'd prefer to craft our own, we will only need a few pieces. Purchase or craft a long, flowing cape. Attach it around the neck using a simple broach or clip. Next, find some costume wrist gauntlets and a set of faux leather briefs to wear. Lastly, find a simple pair of tan or black sandals. Voila! We are now a gladiator and ready to win the hearts of our adoring public with our brute strength and incredible physique.

4. Football Player
For we fans of the sport or for those of us who are simply trying to increase our masculine appeal, we could never go wrong with a football player costume. This look is quite easy to imitate. A football player costume requires a set of tight white athletic pants that go down to the knees and a football jersey. For a more authentic look dripping in sex appeal, we can replace the football jersey with a simple set of shoulder pads. Don't neglect the little touches with a stripe of black paint under both of our eyes. Wearing a football player costume to our next Halloween party will let all of the gay men know that a great catch from a tight end is the best way to enjoy Halloween.

5. Firefighter
There may be some super hot times at our next Halloween party. We should be prepared to cool them down with a sexy firefighter's costume. Easily recognizable and versatile, a firefighter's costume is relatively simple to assemble using random items that we can find at a local thrift store. This outfit requires a pair of (preferably) red suspenders, black slacks, and black boots. If we want to go the extra mile to make our costume more authentic, we may be able to find a replica firefighter's helmet to add the finishing touches to the costume.

6. Naughty Police Officer
While we're out having our fun on Halloween night, we may have to subject a rowdy reveler to a thorough interrogation and put them in handcuffs by the end of the night. To be prepared for just such an eventuality, finding a suitable police officer's costume would greatly benefit our trick or treat shenanigans. There are multiple types of police officer costumes which range from authentic city cop black to state trooper tan or police academy cadet blue. Regardless of our level of police training, always make sure to bring the faux nightstick and handcuffs to complete the look and add a little intimidation and dazzle to our wardrobe.

7. Luchador
The bright colors, masks, and high-flying wrestling moves of luchador wrestling are an amazing and awesome display of athleticism. We're definitely a fan, so there's no way we can go wrong with a luchador costume. This costume consists of only a few pieces. The main accessory of a luchador is their brightly-colored face mask. Once we've acquired a mask, all that's left to find are a set of athletic tights and a pair of wrestling boots. Toss on a faux wrestling championship belt as a complementary decoration and as a conversation starter.

However you celebrate this holiday we wish you smooth sailing and a safe journey!

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