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A Valentine's Message From The Creative Director

A Story Of Gay Penguins.


 Of all the hilarious episodes of Will and Grace, there is one that always stood out for me - it featured two penguins in the Central Park Zoo who made the headlines. The pair built a tastefully decorated nest together and formed a monogamous and affectionate bond. When the zoo determined that they were both male, they decided to break up and pair them off with females. A public outcry ensued.

Will and Jack decide to visit the penguins and are approached by a lesbian who asks them to sign a petition to keep Roy and Silo together. Through a couple of plot twists and turns, Jack donates his rent money in order to save them.

In real life, Roy and Silo rejected their new female 'beards' and moved back in together. Eventually their relationship was accepted and they were given an egg that had been abandoned by a straight penguin couple. The mates hatched, nurtured and lovingly raised a baby girl, Tango. It was suggested by some that they did a better job of raising offspring than some of the straight counterparts. 

As a side note - it turned out that Silo was actually bisexual and left Roy for a female named Scrappy after a six year relationship. When Tango grew up she became a lesbian. 

This is one of those stories that reaffirms that same sex coupling comes from nature. There are an estimated 1500 species that have gay and bisexual relationships - many propose this number is probably pretty low..

Amongst the most notorious examples of this are the giraffes. Gay sex accounts for 94% of all observed sexual activity. Males will spend hours necking and rubbing against each other, and this often results in anal sex and a happy ending!

Dolphins are also known for their strong same sex bonds. Males have gay sex just for fun and take part in orgies called a wuzzle (how cute does that sound). Many males mate for life.

Homophobia does not exist amongst the diverse species in nature - that distinction is reserved for humankind. There is a lesson to be learned from Mother Nature.

I figured out I was gay in the second grade. I had a crush on a fellow classmate named Rocky. He seemed to feel the same way. I knew I was different but didn't really know what it really meant. In time as an adult I came to terms with my sexuality, and when I finally got the hang of it, it turned out to be a lot of fun. Gay men at the time didn't have the option to marry or raise children openly, so we partied - and we partied hard! I did not reach adulthood until I turned 40. 

Given a choice I wouldn't change a thing. Being gay has opened a whole new world of experiences that I otherwise would not have had. In the end, it all led to to love, and being in love with my husband, Danny. I finally mated for life.

Love is love and it is the highest achievement of mankind. Love comes naturally to all species and it is to be celebrated in all its' diverse forms.

In the words of our pop goddess, Lady GaGa - "Baby we were born this way!" Celebrate and find your love on this Valentine's Day.

 Hugs and Kisses oxoxox

Don Bostick

Creative Director, Hello Sailor TMH



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