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Want to look your best in the latest, stay warm and cozy and help make your community a better place? Hello Sailor has the solution you need! Save with Free US Shipping.

Hello Sailor TMH is a lifestyle brand whose mission is to influence change socially and environmentally. Our brand supports social and environmental organizations by donating 10% of our proceeds. We are excited to announce a new division -Citizen Maine- that will appeal to a broader market and be tagged with our soon to be released trademark image for this department. Women’s garments are now available.  Our brand offers a collection of fun, flirty, and tasteful nautical-themed apparel with an eye toward vintage graphics. Our most recent addition is our Lobster Collection - our wholesale line includes a name drop series for Maine, Cape Cod and Portland - custom image and name drop for your location is available. Take Me Home is our line of home goods that includes coffee mugs, aprons, and bags. Please read  'About Dan & Don' in the footer to learn more about your Captains, and 'About Us'  to learn more about our company!